Special services

The library met the needs of the local community and responded to professional challenges by establishing autonomous specialized services for target user-groups:

The Centre for Youth Literature and Librarianship provides material and information from the expert fields of youth literature and librarianship. With its help, the library has continuously followed new professional trends in the world and developed, and tested in practice, new forms of book-related, literary and library-related education for children and spread them over Slovenia.

Intended for the reading-room purposes of the Centre for Youth Literature and Librarianship are: the archive of books for the young in Slovenian (original Slovenian books and translations), the archive of Slovenian youth periodicals, archival collection of Slovenian books for the young translated into foreign languages and collection of the best foreign-language picture books.

Other special services:

  • Home Library Service is intended for those users who cannot visit the library themselves, due to old age, illness or physical handicap. 
  • Inter-Library Loan provide loans from other libraries of the material which is not available in our library, either because it is not in the library’s holdings or because it is currently borrowed by another user.